First day of build up phase

The build up phase is supposed to build up the aerobic endurance. The program Gavin has made up on consists mostly of 1 hour relaxed runs with some hill running and a couple of long runs. The effort shouldn’t be higher than 75% of maximum.

I asked him how long I should do it and he told me I could do it as long as I don’t have any races planned. As for now, I have none. So it’s just to get onto it 🙂

Distance: 12.36
Time: 1:00:02
Avg pace: 4:51
Avg HR: 147
Avg cadence: 90

Damn cold today! below -10 Celsius. Usually I only wear my long tights without anything under, but today I felt compelled to wear long johns underneath. My eyes teared and the tears froze :S
But, but.. I you want something badly, you better fight for it – And I do!!

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