Hard to slow down sometimes (Day 9, Build up)

Most people that knows me would nod and laugh out loud if they heard me say that. :)But now, fortunately, it isn’t about me being hyperactive, but my running exercising.

Today’s run was a nice one.  I interpreted the last 15 min at 65% as

Max HR – rest HR x 0.65 + rest HR

I don’t know if that was the right way to interpret it, but it gave me a HR of around 144..

Thing is, when I came to 45 minutes of running I ran at a pace around 4:55 and my HR was 155. It was very hard to get down to 144. That I had a small incline most of the track left didn’t make it easier. It felt like it would be hard to run at all when slowing down that much. Afterwards, now, I see that I ran at 5:35, which actually isn’t that much slower.

In fact it was kind of a failure since my avg HR on the last 15 min was 147…

Lap – Time – Avg pace – Avg HR

1 – 45 min – 4:55 – 153
2 – 15 min – 5:35 – 147

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