On the road again

So.. I made a post last week that accidentally was erased. It was a long and boring post about me not training because of the little pain in the left knee. 🙂

Anyway, to keep it short I didn’t train for 3 days. The first was because of the pain, second because the program said rest and the third because me and my wife were on a small weekend vacation to Stockholm and I’d rather keep the family peace 😉

So on Sunday I started again. I was supposed to run for 75 minutes, but I thought I’d better be smart and not exaggerate, so I kept it a little shorter and ran for only 60 minutes. I also let the legs decide the pace.

After the running I also did some forward lunges and squats. I’ve read that the kind of knee pain I have can be because the quadraceps isn’t enough supportive. I don’t think I have a problem with that, but better being safe than sorry… Another reason could be me increasing the mileage a lot when starting the build up program.

On monday (day 7 of build up) I joined at the floor ball training. Yesterday I had to regret that since I had many unnecessarily sore muscles :S. I ran anyway, but I felt I needed to keep myself back a little so that I could recover fully.

Day 6

Distance: 12.09
Time: 1:00:01
Avg pace: 4:58
Avg HR: 149
Avg cadence: 90

Day 8

Distance: 12.03
Time: 1:00:01
Avg pace: 4:59
Avg HR: 152
Avg cadence: 90

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