Trying to find some hills (Day 13, build up)

Today the family took a days trip to Gothenburg with English brunch with the kids grandma and a visit to the amusementpark Liseberg where they decor for a wonderful winterworld during christmas time. It all was very nice, but it meant we came late home, meaning a late run.

I was supposed to make a run on rolling hills today due to the program. Problem was I had hard finding any hills and I didn’t feel like running up and down the same hill for 40-50 minutes. But I think I managed to do quite well anyway. I found some kind of a hillyish track and in the end I took two laps at a hilly forest trail I always pass in closer to the end in my usual runs :)

I think it will be much easier when spring gets here and I can find new routes in the forests.

Day 13, build up
40 to 50min over rolling hills – work the hills

Distance – Time – Avg pace – Avg HR – Max HR

8.6 – 41:07 – 4:47 – 147 – 164

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