Slowing down even a little more (Day 15, build up)

This time I ran at the evening again. It was only -8 degrees, but something was strangely different. The ground was slippery and wet at many places like it thawed and my arms got really cold all through. The last 20 minutes I couldn’t feel them at all.

The running felt as expected, only – I run very slow. Since trying to keep down the HR to below 130 it feels like I run slower and slower. Today I had an average pace of 5:59 – my slowest this far. Maybe it doesn’t mean a lot, but it sure is a little hard on the confidence.

Day 15, build up
1hr easy and totally relaxed – at ease through out

Lap Distance Time Avg Pace Avg HR Max HR Cadence
1 10.73 1:04 5:59 128 144 89

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