When running becomes a comedy (Day 17, build up)

Today nothing really went as it should during the exercise. It was “only” an easy one, but sometimes nothing is just easy.

To begin it has been a hot day (+1 degree C), so it has thawed a lot. That wouldn’t bother me sick unless it all had chosen to froze during the evening. I still thought I could run since the surface around our home seemed quite alright.

After a couple of k’s I entered a forest trail area where lots of people usually walk the dog, run, jog or just walk themselves. Here the wet thawing snow had a lot of deep footprints which during the later part of the day had come to freeze. This made very uneven ground, so I had to watch out where I was going to put every step 🙂

Because of that I decided to leave my normal route and run second half of the run on common streets instead. That went well.. For a while.. Then my HR monitor started to dance limbo. On plain ground without any incline at all it started jumping up and down in heart rate. By then I surrendered to the music in my ear – at that particular moment my favorite songs with Matchbox Twenty – shook my head and smiled running the last part to home.

But like they say – all experiences are good experiences. In this case I choose to see it that way 😉

Day 17, build up
1hr easy and totally relaxed – at ease through out

Lap Distance Time Avg Pace Avg HR Max HR Cadence
1 10.42 1:00:34 5:49 130 155 88

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