Recent memories and thoughts about the near future

Today when I downloaded all our photos from our digital camera (Don’t know if you do the same, but we end up with an overpacked camera with not a single byte of memory left at the moment where you need it to be empty the most)

Christian Schmeikal after Midnattsloppet 100821, Gothenburg
Me after Midnattsloppet 100821, Gothenburg

I found a few pictures of me taken after Midnattsloppet 21 August this year in Gothenburg.It’s nice to look back at something with a smile, still pleased about the performance back then. Now, of course my aim is much higher than what I managed then, but then again, I didn’t have professional coaching to lead the way then either 🙂

Recently I’ve been thinking about which races I should run next year. I know that me and the family most probably will move to China in around May. I’m about to sign up for 13 months of work there for the company I work for. Until then I really want to get through a couple of races to see what I’m able to achieve. I have a few in mind, which right now are:

  • Sun 20 March GöteborgsVarvets seedningslopp … 10,55 km
  • Sun 27 March PremiĂ€rmilen 10,00 km
  • Sat 2 April Startmilen 10 km 10,00 km
  • Sat 30 April Lerumsloppet 10 km 10,00 km
  • Sat 7 May Springtime Mariestad 10,00 km

I’ve asked TheEd how he think I should plan for them – when I should start with the sub-program and so on. I’ve also asked him if the Bodyweight 500 strength training I did regularly during the autumn is beneficial for the running performance and if, when I should do it. Anyway, there’s a lot of good things to look forward to 😉

I ran the 75 minutes run today. It was during mid day and it was really bright outside, so the snow almost made me snow blind.
Another thing I’ve been thinking more and more of is a technique detail. I’ve read that it’s better for both running economy and preventing injuries to have a midfoot step. I think I do. I’m not sure, but it feels most at the midfeet and almost nothing at the heel when I step down. Last year I read that most elite runners have a running cadence of around 90 strides independent on which speed they ran. To get to that, they adviced to try to take baby steps. Recently I’ve read that having a high cadence is beneficial for mid foot step since it forces you to step down underneath your body instead of forward it… Anyway, when I read it last year I thought I should give it a go, so I started to take smaller and smaller steps. It really felt great and I think that I still have that in some way to thank for my progress during the first year..

Link to detailed Garmin data

Day 6, 2nd build up
75min easy and totally relaxed – time on feet

Lap Distance Time Avg Pace Avg HR Max HR Cadence
1 13.52 1:15:13 5:34 133 148 90

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