When to have the first race

Now I have finally uploaded a header for the blog. Not sure how long I will keep it, but for now it will do – I kind of even like it 🙂

Me and TheEd are discussing whether it is better for me to continue with one more three-week period of the build up or to start with the race program. It depends very much on when I actually will have my first race. As it looks now I think my first race will be Vinterspringet (10k, Mariestad) taking place 26th of February. Earlier than that I’m sure the snow and ice will be a big obstacle, and maybe even then – sometimes it snows until late March here in Sweden.

Another big obstacle might be that my wife’s delivery is postponed a couple of weeks. We expect by the 3rd of February (so she’s quite big now – for her. She’s always small anyways :)).

We’ll see what TheEd thinks of that time for the first race considering my programs and all.. Until then I will go on with the sub 40 as planned.

Detailed Garmin data

Day 2, 1st sub 40 10k round
30min easy run

Lap Distance Time Avg Pace Avg HR Max HR Avg Cadence
1 5.69 30:42 5:24 138 155 90

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