A long refreshing run on the icy streets of Alingsås

The icy street Solvändegatan, Alingsås 2011-01-16
The icy street Solvändegatan, Alingsås 2011-01-16

During the day the family have been visiting a house that is the same model as a house we hopefully will build after we come home from China. It was nice to see it in real life, but it all still feels like a dream.. Not many young people in Sweden have the chance to own a house – especially not close to the bigger cities of Sweden. Our only chance might be to take the job in China. On the other hand the year over there also will be an adventure of a lifetime. 🙂

The longest run came today instead of yesterday. Even though it has been raining all day and the streets were even in worse condition than yesterday, it went pretty fine. 🙂

It was relaxing. At some places all the molten snow and ice formed pools of water, but most of the times I managed to avoid stepping in them. At one place, though, close to the end I came to a parking lot which was like a wet field of ice. I had to stop and trip forward like a lapricorn (Do they trip around?) – hence the break in the data on the Garmin page. My HR monitor went crazy again (That’s why the MaxHR is so high) – I can’t go on complaining about it here – it does it too often :S. Maybe I’ll just take it with Garmin instead. A reclaim or something, just to state a case.

On the right is a picture of Solvändegatan – the street outside us. The meaning was to visualize how the streets look like with the wet ice and everything – don’t know if the photo is truthful enough, though 😀

Take care!

Detailed Garmin data

Day 6, 1st sub 40 10k round
longest run – ‘time on feet’ up to 1Hr 30min (Swapped day 5 with day 6)

Lap Distance Time Avg Pace Avg HR Max HR Avg Cadence
1 15.43 1:30 5:50 135 167 89

4 thoughts on “A long refreshing run on the icy streets of Alingsås”

  1. Wow, the street look slippery .. do be careful out there! The streets are clear of snow and ice in the South of Sweden again and I have been running on asphalt for 4 days .. it has been great!! //Cursor

    1. I envy you! Maybe it’s down in the south of Sweden a runner should live 😉

      Yes, the streets here in Alingsås have been somewhat vicious the past week

      Today, however, it seems like most of the ice layer is gone. And in Gothenburg, where I work, I even managed to find a 1k strip free from both snow and ice where I did my 1k intervals in “peace” 😀

      Take care!

      1. South of Sweden .. nah .. Canary Islands maybe 😉
        Well, let’s hope that was enough snow and ice for this Winter.
        Enjoy your runs! //Cursor

        1. Yes, Canary Island seems like a perfect location these times 😉

          I agree, winter is nice when it’s white and snowy, but one can have too much of the good stuff..
          Thank you and good luck with your running too 😉


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