Am I getting any closer?

At home from work today taking care of wife and kids. Most of the times this happens I feel guilty, though I don’t really have any reason to. It’s just that I’m never at home because of own sickness. I am very lucky in the genetic lottery when it comes to immune defence (just because I wrote that I’m going to end up with a one month cold or the flu or something else very bad in the near future – bad karma! ;))

Where were I.. right.. And lately I’ve been home several times per month. My wife has been unlucky with some really bad colds this winter. No wonder when it attacks as a new Ice age coming with snow since November and minus 15-20 degrees :D. I don’t know, it just still feels strange for me to be home when I’m not bad.. I’d better get used to it.. Come to think of it we will have small children for a few years to come 😉

It was a little colder today than it has been past weeks. Minus 10 degrees when I stepped out the door in my running outfit. I always look at the thermometer before I go out to know which gloves to take and if I need to wear under layer pants. I hate running in too hot clothes, it can really get on my nerve.

The run itself felt solid. I couldn’t look much at the watch during the 1 min race pace runs – it was just too dark and my arms were moving a little too much. Hence the not so exact 60 sec intervals – also the differences in speed between some of the laps. 😉

On Saturday (the day after tomorrow) I will do the 4k time trial again. Now it feels like it’s time to proof whether I’m fully back in business or not. I only have four weeks until the first race comes, so I guess I will only have time for one more sub 40 period. It will be exciting to see how my coach composes the four coming weeks.. Of course, I don’t need to beat the goal of 2011 in the first race. It would be very strange if I did, actually. I will be satisfied if I manage to run better than last race in 2010, though (39:46)

Let’s see on Saturday – Am I getting any closer? Do you think?

Detailed Garmin data

Day 17, sub 40 program
30min easy 6x1min fast with 1min slow – 1min @ Race Pace

Lap Distance Time (min) AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR HR After 60 sec easy
1 5.30 30:00 5:40 131 142
2 0.287 1:08 3:57 159 169 148
3 0.244 0:59 4:01 160 171 145
4 0.271 1:00 3:42 162 172 147
5 0.262 1:00 3:48 161 172 151
6 0.268 1:00 3:46 166 177 153
7 0.274 1:00 3:41 168 177 148

2 thoughts on “Am I getting any closer?”

  1. running closer to 15 minutes will determine how things are going [not that you should be looking for results at every corner ;)]
    And this will depend greatly on conditions



    1. Thanks Coach!

      Great to know 😉
      Is that calculated from a later 10k result of sub 37?

      Always thankful for your advices;)


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