Having hard anticipating the slopes (4k time trial)

I don’t know what it was – the fact that I started out so early in the morning, that I threw myself a cup of coffee just the moment before, that I didn’t have sufficient energy in my body yet or the fact that I started going tough after too little warm-up..

In an hour from now I am going to help some friends move. And since I had my 4k time trial today I wanted to spend some energy on that, so I ran it now, early in the morning. I ate a little something an hour before, but maybe that wasn’t enough time for it go into the system..

It was 3 degrees warm when I started my warm-up, but I noticed quite soon that there were cruel winds. After a half km I decided to tap on the laps button. 1 km into it I felt a little fatigued in the legs. I thought then I wouldn’t manage with good result. But it went away. However, first half of the time trial I had an occasionally tough head wind, making it hard to maintain pace. I know that I at some moments were over 4:00.

Another thing I realised was that I early in the run have hard to anticipate how hard the slopes with feel for the legs later on in the run. It’s the same in races, I’ve noticed. To tackle the lost pace in the slopes one need to keep a higher avarage pace.. It even feels like the higher pace you gain down hill isn’t as high as the pace you lose up hill..

Well, it went fine, and I am pleased with the result, in spite of everything 🙂

But as always, I believe myself it’s a result with modification when running after a watch’s pace.

Detailed Garmin data

Day 19, sub 40 program
Race day up to 15K , 4k time trial

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR Cadence
1 1.00 3:49:58 3:49 169 176 94
2 0.997 3:49:13 3:50 176 182 95
3 1.00 3:50:06 3:49 184 188 96
4 1.01 3:51:38 3:50 189 195 96
TOTAL 4.01 15:20:15 3:49 180 195 95

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