Why do heavy things always find their way to your toes?

It’s gotta be some explaination for it else than just Murphys law. It was when I looked for something in the cleaning closet for mounting the baby bed – suddenly it started hurting like h–l! I had managed to let a paintbucket fall on my foot.. And of course it had hit me where it hurt the most – on the tip of the toes.. For almost three minutes I just jumped and ran around in the apartment cursing and bursting out cruel thing about myself and my lack of cautiousness. Then it got better.

I was afraid that it would affect my running. Luckily it didn’t. Not in a way that I noticed, anyway. But now, in the late evening it hurts much worse again – I’m pretty sure I’m gonny lose the nail. It has gotten all blue. It will be my second in a year then. The first was the nail of the biggest toe which I lost after the Gothenburg half marathon last year. In the last 500 meters I fell on a foot of one of the audience fences. The blow led to me losing the nail..

Well, if it doesn’t affect my running it’s ok by me 🙂 Then I can live with aching pain for a couple of days.

I didn’t feel tired during the run, but it got late so I kept it at a little less than 40 minutes.

Day 20, 1st sub 40 10k round
easy recovery after race. 30min – 1Hr

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 6.63 38:55 5:52 132 146 92

2 thoughts on “Why do heavy things always find their way to your toes?”

    1. Yes, it hurted a lot :S
      Just when my biggest toenail has grown out fully on the same foot 🙂
      I won’t have a complete foot in total 1 1/2 year 😀

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