Beginner’s running tips article

Since I now have been running for a little more than one and a half year, and began from nothing, I thought it might be helpful for some out there to get a piece of my experiences as a beginner. So now I have written an article about what I think made a difference for me in my running. Hope you like it!

Beginner’s running tips

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your Beginner’s running tips. I can already tell by focusing on a few of those, especially “increase slowly” and “give your body time to rest” that these tips will help me immensely. Usually I run as far and as long as I can, but I never really keep track on how far I am actually running. This will definitely be something that I do next time I run!

    I also agree that you should not run if you are not feeling well, but sometimes I tell myself I can “run it off” and I always feel better after wards. Personally, if I ever start feeling sick, a little jog in the morning will almost always get it out of my system.

    How affective do you think running programs are? I have been debating whether or not to look into some but I’m not sure if they would motivate me, or if they would intimidate me. How many have you tried?

    1. Hi Kalen and thank you!

      I can relate to what you say about running sometimes when not feeling like in a perfect condition. I believe it’s ok as long as you’re honest to yourself and really “feel” your body and it’s limitations. Most of all, if you’re on a run and feel that something isn’t as it should – then stop and walk home instead.

      I am very stubborn in my nature, and sometimes I’ve had to learn things like this the hard way 😉 So now I’m determined to give myself a long and healthy life full of running and as few injuries as possible. And if taking it easy sometimes even if I don’t actually feel like is what it takes, then so be it 😀

      I’ve only been in one running program, and that’s where I am now. I started running in the Summer of 2009, got the taste for it and wanted to make progress fast. I read all I could about it and tried to make up my own program as a mix of all kinds of sessions. I got down to a sub 40 10k in just the first year. But just after that I started on this program, so I don’t actually know how far I would have gone without the program, really.

      For this year my goal is a sub 37 10k. We’ll see how that goes. But I don’t doubt that the programs are better composed than what you can achieve by yourself. That is if you follow them strictly, and listen to the feedback you get. The guys at know what they talk about when it comes to building up a running fitness without injuries.

      Most of all I like the idea of having a personal coach in the running, and that’s kind of what it feels like there at the forums.

      After this year I’ll really know how it went, but as for now, soon a half year since I started on it, I feel great! The best thing for me to learn was that I needed to give my body more rest in between. Earlier I ran my “easy runs” at heart rate 155 and avg pace 4:30, which actually was way too high for me 😉

      Hope I’ve provided some answers you’ll enjoy!

      Take care!


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