Not the perfect conditions

Life at home is very nice now. Everytime I see that little face, even if it’s just been 5 minutes since the last time, I can’t help but to get surprised such small people exists 😀

I did my run today. The surface was mean – a mix of solid ground and slippery spots. Didn’t really know how to handle it best way other than just plough through 😉

My digestion problems haven’t been sorted out yet – still waiting for a remittance to the tests. It was a problem today too, like many other days. The last 15 minutes was a total pain. And I can also acknowledge that I’ve noticed that the niggle in the back of my right leg is back. I’ve felt it the last couple of days. It’s along the large tendon on the back-inside of the thigh/backside of the knee. I’ve never experienced anything similar, but I guess it’s more than anything a sign of overload, or that I load the legs differently..

Detailed Garmin data

Day 17, sub 40 program – 2nd round
30min easy 6x1min fast with 1min slow – 1min @ Race Pace

Lap Distance Time (min) AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR HR After 60 sec easy
1 5.22 30:00 5:45 129 140
2 0.251 1:01 4:02 157 167 146
3 0.267 1:01 3:49 165 172 151
4 0.263 1:00 3:51 167 175 153
5 0.263 1:01 3:51 166 175 152
6 0.261 1:00 3:51 164 173 152
7 0.257 1:01 3:56 170 176 155

2 thoughts on “Not the perfect conditions”

  1. Hope your niggles get better soon!
    And lets hope Spring will be here soon too .. it has been crappy running this week .. so cold and windy, and no sign of improvement in near future either. I am glad I have the dense forest in town where I can run .. but it is still far from ideal conditions. Despite the weather, have a good weekend 🙂 //Cursor

    1. Thank you Cursor!

      I don’t think it will be anything long lasting as long as I do my warm-ups and stretches properly.

      Yes, I really long for the spring. It feels like it’s only then I’ll be sure of what I’m capable of. Last year, which was my first shift between winter and spring when it comes to running, my improvement made a big jump all of a sudden. Don’t know if it had to do with the warmer climate, the ground, or just the fact that my body woke up 😀

      You too have a good weekend, and say hi to the coach from me!


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