No race next weekend

I’ve decided not to do the race next weekend that I’ve planned for earlier. There are two main reasons. First is that it’s not that close to home, so if the family follows me we don’t know under what conditions they would have to be at waiting for me. It’s a little cold outside for a baby. The second is that I researched a little and realised that there aren’t many participants. It seems like there are only a bunch – at least there were less than 20 last race. To travel a long way for a race there would have to be more than that. I don’t even know if this is announced in the local newspaper 😉

Then you might wonder how I came to know about it? Well, it was through a swedish running site, and there people can submit races by themselves – it doesn’t matter if an organisation holds it or if it’s just Snippety-snop-guy next door who wants running buddies for his next Sunday run 🙂

This race actually is held by a cross-country club, but still it hasn’t attracted a lot of people, unfortunately. So I’ll pass. I will have to focus on a race later on, at latest I have the Seedningsloppet Göteborgsvarvet (seeding race, Gothenburg halfmarathon) in the end of March.

For all what it’s worth I really look forward to the first race – to see how I’ve progressed 🙂

On both the run yesterday and today I had problems again of the same character as I’ve spoken of before.. That also makes me a little afraid of running races. Wouldn’t want to get into a situation like that with audience..

Detailed Garmin data

Day 20, sub 40 10k – 2nd round
easy recovery after race. 1Hr

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 10.39 59:07 5:41 129 154 92

Detailed Garmin data

Day 21, sub 40 10k – 2nd round
2nd easy day after race., 1 hour easy

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 10.64 59:52 5:48 129 142 91

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