A 1 hour “longest run”

Yesterday I had my longest run, which is supposed to go on for up to 90 minutes. I felt alright, but because of the complications in the end of the 2k intervals I felt that it’s better being safe than sorry. In the early morning I took my wake up heart rate, which was 48. Coach says that if it’s more than 10 beats above the usual one better be cautious. I haven’t checked mine earlier, but I can’t imagine it being much lower than that. But I felt it was better to play it safe anyway, so my run was very calm and I only ran for an hour.

Today I had another 1 hour easy run, which felt refreshing and fine – except for the heart rate monitor going nuts for a while, then.. :S

Detailed Garmin data

Day 5, Sub 40 program – 3rd round
1hr easy

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 10.19 1:00.06 5:54 124 142 88

Detailed Garmin data

Day 6, Sub 40 program – 3rd round
Longest run, up to 90 min on feet

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 10.22 1:00.19 5:54 127 192 89

As you can see on the first run of these two I have dropped a lot in the heart rate, which I believe to be a good indication of improved running ecomony. Hope it gives me some advantages on the coming races 😉

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