Bodily status

To get an indication on how my body feels when it comes to sickness and health I measured my wake up heart rate yesterday and today. Coach has told me that if it’s more than 10 beats/min higher than usual there’s something going on that you shouldn’t neglect by pushing yourself.

However, it’s looks pretty ok – both yesterday’s and today’s wake up heart rate was 48, which I found is very usual for me. Just for fun I also weighed myself – 65.7 kg. I’ve tried to throw away a few kilos the past four or five weeks, which seems to have been rather successful. When I began I weighed just below 68 kg. Last year when I was in racing season – well I only did three races, but anyway – I weighed around 66 kg.

When it comes to elite runners, the only one’s weight I have in mind is Mustafa Muhamed – a Swedish runner – He is 172 cm tall and weighs 55 kg. I’m 175 cm tall – what would be my ideal weight for running, to get as much as possible out of it? 60 kg? I don’t know, but I’m trying to push it some more 😉

After this race I will try to get it down a little more. The last week, however, I’ve tried to keep my calorie intake at an ideal level for not losing or gaining weight – just to be sure I have enough for the race tomorrow. I will even try to boost a little considering carbohydrates today 😀

I still don’t know what to do today when it comes to running. Normally today is the race day in the running program, so today is a “gap” now when the race is tomorrow. Maybe I’ll just take an easy 30 min run to keep myself on the feet. I will try to get a suggestion from coach.

By the way, it snowed the night between thursday and friday – look what the night-working team welcomed us with at work right outside the entrance:

A nice welcome-to-work from the night-workers at work

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