When everything feels right

The last week have been great. Sunny weather and dry surfaces and last but not least – the possibility to undress some and get rid of the last layer of winter clothing. I’ve switched to my Adidas Attune ClimaCool training shoes and changed to short tights and sleeveless shirts. Very relieving!

Today’s session was all about wanting and getting. I decided to go for Coach’s lead to drop 5 secs on the tempo sessions. Today it was the 1k’s which I then tried to run at 3:40 to 3:45. It didn’t feel like I had to push myself too much at any point during the sessions. I guess both my body and brain were ready for the change – even welcomed it 🙂

I asked Coach today about Aerobic runs, which I currently don’t have in my program. He told me it was not necessary now, but when I get down to under 35 min in 10k we would implement them. I replied that would probably be 2-3 years in the future. Amazingly he then wrote it could happen in the end of the year! He really puts a lot of faith in my ability to improve – I like that!! 😀

At Saturday I have the 10k race Lerumsloppet, which I am very excited about. It’s a little different, with a big upward slope in the middle of the race, covering a whole km. I hope I can achieve something there 😉

Race profile - Lerumsloppet (Height over sea in meters)

Day 8, sub 40 program5th round
start with 6x1k R60 3min 40 to 3min45

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR HR After 60 sec rest
1 1.0 3:40 3:39
2 1.0 3:41 3:41 107
3 0.99 3:38 3:41 164 180 121
4 1.0 3:41 3:42 169 182 122
5 0.99 3:40 3:43 172 184 129
6 0.98 3:32 3:36 175 185 126

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