Not an easy decision

Tomorrow would be the last race before my China trip 7th June. I looked forward to one last positive achievement. Now it seems it won’t happen. Sad, but I guess it’s for the best. I had the Thursday and Friday for rest and on Saturday I took a 30 min easy run with 1 min x 6 @ race pace and 1 min of easy in between. The injury is still there. Not much worse than before, but neither better. Coach thought it best to pay the physio a visit rather than running a race – and I guess he’s right.

To use a golf metaphor I also used in the feedback forum:

“It’s like when you play golf (to draw a parallel), and are in the woods with trees in between yourself and the green. The urge to go for the green through the trees instead of taking a shot to the side on the fairway is VERY strong.. However, not especially wise

This time I will go for the fairway and hopefully win a few hits in the end..

So.. I will book an appointment with the doctor to see what he has to say about it.. I think it’s very strange that I don’t have the pain all the time at the same type of movement. It’s when I race the heel and stand/push with the ball of the foot – but like I’ve said before, just a few strides in a row. And almost never when I run fast – only when I walk or go easy.

Let’s just hope it gets better soon.. In China I will do a build up to regenerate.

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