Closer to genuine China than this is hard to get

The village of Liuji, Fujian ChinaThis weekend I was invited to follow a coworker and his Chinese wife, Sunny,  to her home village. What an adventure! The village had 13 houses and all who lived there were rice farmers – her father as well. They live such a different life from the one we do. Before I came there I tried to imagine what it would be like – I was so wrong still. It showed that it wasn’t possible for me come close to reality.

They were very loving people, the food was fantastic and we sat the whole evenings eating, talking, drinking tea and rice wine – just having a wonderful time together!

Yesterday we also went to see the abandoned village where Sunny grew up. She was 15 when they built the newer village, which is situated 2 km closer to the closest town, Masha, and has roads going to it. The abandoned one lied up among the mountains with only narrow trails going to it. Most of the houses there were torn. We also took a trek up in the dense bamboo forest. Here mother, father and sister had found berries growing on a tree, and the next minute they were all up 5-10 meters in a tree shaking them down.

Later in the evening we went the closest small town and we also visited her old school. It was crazy! A huge amount of people gathered up around us in almost no time and followed us everywhere. Here in China you get used to people staring, but this was something completely different. Sunny said it was probably the first time they saw a Westerner ever. I hope I have a good picture of it. When we ate at a barbecue place in town some of her teachers joined us. Very warm and nice experience!

In the morning today I went for a run. It was so hot! It wasn’t when I started, but as time passed the sun became hotter and hotter in no time at all. But it was a nice run. I sweated liters afterwards though. Then they made me honeywater from her grandmothers homemade honey. I knew that I would be exhausted of the running, so I didn’t run neither by pace or heart rate – just after what I could handle. That was also because I wanted the run in the mountainous rice-field landscape to be a special experience rather than to run and look at the watch all the time

Another thing – no pain this time either.. I am really happy about the change 🙂

Sun 19 June – easy recovery run up in the mountains and rice fields of Masha area, China

11.09 km – 5:26 min/km – 162 in avg hr

Have to fill in here, since it took me some time to get the gallery set up I’ve done another run 🙂 This time back in Fuzhou. No niggles this time neither. Feels just great!

And please, excuse my nakedness in the pictures of the gallery. It was truly hot outside and I really needed it 🙂

Tue 21 June – In fuzhou

1:06 – 12.68 km – 5:15 min/km – 150 in avg hr

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