Just as I was about to start..

Yesterday I caught a cold. It’s only a runny nose and a heavy head. Unfortunately Coach gave me hands up to start on the program again, which I should’ve done later today. Only a little easy, but anyway. I was really looking forward to run every day once again. This every other day running isn’t for me. Somehow it feels too inconsitent. I know it isn’t, but still.

I’ve asked for advice on how to proceed, but I guess it won’t be much running the coming couple of days.

Here’s my data from Mondays run. I wasn’t in Fuzhou during this weekend either, we took a trip to Hangzhou to celebrate Midsummer with a Swedish coworker and his family. There it was harder for me to run, so I had a few days off too.. It seems there’s less and less running for me. Quite depressing when I come to think of it.

Mon 27 June – In fuzhou

1:00:24 – 12.26 km – 4:56 min/km – 154 in avg hr

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