A fresh start

On early saturday morning I decided I had recovered enough from the cold, so I went out running for 40 minutes. It felt good allthrough, and even if I walked 18 holes of golfing at 37 degrees heat I still was up for another run this morning (Sunday). This second run didn’t have exactly as good data as the first, but still.. It’s hard to know what to expect when the air humidity varies between 58% and 86%. This morning I know it was around 80%. I just hope it keeps going this well. Then hopefully I can begin the program again on Tuesday 🙂

Sat 2 July – Easy run in fuzhou

40:08 – 8.20 km – 4:54 min/km – 148 in avg hr

Sun 3 July – Easy run in fuzhou

40:03 – 8.14 km – 4:55 min/km – 159 in avg hr



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