Had to break

On this mornings run I felt very confident and fit. It felt like I didn’t break a sweat before at least twenty minutes had past. Of course I did, but not extensively. I count from when I need to wipe away it from my eyebrows or upper lip 🙂

Unfortunately the run wasn’t completed. Not the full 40 minutes I aimed for. Two hours earlier a chinese guy took us to the cantine on the depot. I usually only eat a big cup of instant noodles (The ones they have here in china are really delicious! I could live only on them) between 12 and 1 a.m. Then I go running around 5.30 a.m and never have a problem. Today I had, meaning I had to take a shorter route and end it at around 36 minutes. But I intend to take a little longer route tomorrow instead.

This was a very evident indication of what has been the root to my digestional problems. I haven’t had any at all for over a month..

Mon 4 July – Easy run in fuzhou

35:50 – 7.26 km – 4:57 min/km – 153 in avg hr


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