Gotta keep going

Me and Coach have been talking now. I’m going back to running every 2nd day and not even one hour. He says I need to relax, stay positive, find consistensy and not think too much. It’s hard at times like these. When nothing seems to help. But I will try.

So now I’ve had one day of rest. I Did my run just like we had talked about. No look at the watch, no run after pace, time or heart rate. Just run. I’ve done some strengthening exercises for the achilles and calf muscles which feels good. A lot of stretch, icing and elevation of it too..

Strange is, when I ran “relaxed” without looking I noticed afterwards that I had been running at a quite high pace. The only thing that was tough was the breathing – but it always is here in this climate.

Like every time I don’t have any niggles during my run. It has just shown a little in the morning and sometimes when I walk up stairs during the day.

stretched and iced 2 times afterwards now, it’s time to sleep. Tomorrow I’m going to Quanzhou where Marco Polo were..

Fri 8 July – Easy run in fuzhou

43:41 – 9.11 km – 4:48 min/km – 156 in avg hr

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