Exhausting running

The evening day before yesterday  I did some strength exercises (Quadraceps, calves, abdomen, back etc.). It probably wasn’t such a good idea to do them so close to a running. Especially not now when I’m increasing my mileage. It’s tough as it is. So yesterday morning my 1 hour run was VERY exhausting. It usually is – well, all running here in this climate is very tough – but this was worse than usual. My breathing isn’t very heavy, but still my pulse is high and my legs get easily tired. It’s hard to even keep the speed up at the recovery runs. Maybe it had much to do with the strenth workout this time. I hope so.. I will have to see tomorrow if my body has managed to recover properly.

Wed 20 July – Easy run in fuzhou

1:00 – 12.00 km – 5:00 min/km – 160 in avg hr

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