Back on the road

Last week and this week I’ve been doing the program once again. A little modified though. I only did 4x2km @ ~4:00 pace, 5x1km @ ~3:50 pace. I also kept the easy runs a little easier than usual and sometimes with a little decreased time too. I need to get the body used to the heavy workload again.

The storm that passed USA a while ago passed us the past week. So.. it has been quite windy some days 🙂

I have 10k race Kretsloppet in BorĂ„s on Saturday. It will be fun. I don’t have especially high expectations – I hope to finish in around 40 minutes just like in Midnattsloppet. I would only be bad for myself to believe and try to get better result. They say it’s easier to regain the fitness you lost recently, and I believe them. However, I don’t think it will take a couple of weeks only.

Good running out there!

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