Ok performed (Running lights 10.2k race)

It might have been the last race for me this year. I think I did well enough. I performed a little better than at the last race, this time finishing at 40:16, which means a pace of 3:57. I also managed to do negative splits. Yesterday I was pretty satisfied, but now the evening after when I sit writing this I can’t help but to think about the past year’s running.

I had a goal to get below 37 minutes in 10 km. The best I got was a little over 38. But if that only would have been the last race of the year so that I knew that time was what I have to begin from next season. Unfortunately that’s not the case. I end the year at almost exactly the same 10k times as 2010, meaning I haven’t made a lot of progress. Quite depressing, in fact.

I know it’s because of the injury, but still. I can’t help but to think – Will the next year be exactly the same? Start out strongly, hitting an obstacle and end up at slightly below sub 40? Hard to say. Of course I will do my best to stay positive. Most of the time I am. I have been most of the time of the time I were injured. I really thought I would be able to at least come back to the same fitness in the end of the year. By now it feels I’ve been positive for no reason. On the other hand, when writing this, surrounded by the darkness of Swedish October and at the door to the cold winter, it’s a little hard to stay positive.

But, but.. Better things will come.. Maybe even tomorrow 😉

Who know’s, I might just get back into the same fitness as in May this year after all. Wouldn’t that be something..

15 October – Running lights, 10.2 km

1 – 3:52
2 – 3:55
3,4 – 7:44
5 – 4:07
6 – 4:22
7,8 – 7:59
9 – 4:19
10 – 3:53

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