Out of consistency

Yesterday I did an hour easy instead of a long run of 1:30. It was because I didn’t have the time to. Today was no exception. I planned to take the longest run today instead, but ended up with no run at all. I took that decision right before I sat down writing this. The time is 11 p.m. here and if I even would do just one hour run I would get to sleep around 1. a.m. or something taking in caculation time needed to cool-down and everything.

That wouldn’t be good for tomorrow’s work day at all. The reason of being busy today is among other things that I had to study and make an online quiz to complete a module in a distance course I’m doing. Somehow I prioritized that over the running today.

I need to get myself going with the running fully some time again soon. Only I don’t feel very happy about it. The running gives me good feelings and everything, but the lack of success of the end of this year really took the most out of me. Then it gets easier to choose not to run.

Before the injury (the whole winter and spring) I felt like I did everything right. And I got pay off then too. But then that injury came flying and though I know it’s a part of trying to achieve better times and all, it’s still kind of a bitch-slap to the whole years training ending up at the same “best-time” as last year.

Sometimes my thought just drift to that. Especially the few times I sit writing here about my running.
A big time disappointment and failure. I don’t like that. So I will do all I can to make next year much better – and hopefully injury-free too. But sadly nothing can erase how the second half of this year has been.

There’s a new day tomorrow..

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