Days of self control and christmas all around

During the last three days I’ve followed TheEd’s advice about not running when sick. Even if it hasn’t been an awful cold and I could run without problem he thought it would be bad to risk it getting to something far more worse. And since it’s wintertime and I’m in a long build up period anyway it shouldn’t have a big impact on my fitness (hopefully).

So.. In a way I let my cold hold me back, differently than what I wrote in my earlier post. This is something I need to learn. If I hadn’t got the advice from TheEd I would kept going, which sometimes isn’t good. My experience with myself is that I most of the times can push myself very far and hard without suffering any consequences..

This has been a difficult test for me needing a lot of self control. The running has become like a poison that I need to feel that I’m going somewhere. One day off doesn’t matter much to me, two days is alright, but three took the edge of it all.. If I hadn’t been running today I would be climbing on the walls right now. 😉

Tomorrow it’s christmas. I actually haven’t got any wishes about presents – doesn’t it sound grown up? Well, that’s an effect of having an income and be able to buy the things you want sooner or later. I just came up with one thing I want – another happy and fortunate year with my lovely family, being my beautiful wife and two wonderful daughters and, of course, a smooth delivery of our third child in the beginning of February 🙂

Todays run went well.. Felt a little slow, but else it felt fine.

Day 3, build up
1hr easy and totally relaxed – at ease through out

Lap Distance Time Avg Pace Avg HR Max HR Cadence
1 10.73 1:02:13 5:48 132 146 90

Trying to find some hills (Day 13, build up)

Today the family took a days trip to Gothenburg with English brunch with the kids grandma and a visit to the amusementpark Liseberg where they decor for a wonderful winterworld during christmas time. It all was very nice, but it meant we came late home, meaning a late run.

I was supposed to make a run on rolling hills today due to the program. Problem was I had hard finding any hills and I didn’t feel like running up and down the same hill for 40-50 minutes. But I think I managed to do quite well anyway. I found some kind of a hillyish track and in the end I took two laps at a hilly forest trail I always pass in closer to the end in my usual runs :)

I think it will be much easier when spring gets here and I can find new routes in the forests.

Day 13, build up
40 to 50min over rolling hills – work the hills

Distance – Time – Avg pace – Avg HR – Max HR

8.6 – 41:07 – 4:47 – 147 – 164