On the road again

So.. I made a post last week that accidentally was erased. It was a long and boring post about me not training because of the little pain in the left knee. 🙂

Anyway, to keep it short I didn’t train for 3 days. The first was because of the pain, second because the program said rest and the third because me and my wife were on a small weekend vacation to Stockholm and I’d rather keep the family peace 😉

So on Sunday I started again. I was supposed to run for 75 minutes, but I thought I’d better be smart and not exaggerate, so I kept it a little shorter and ran for only 60 minutes. I also let the legs decide the pace.

After the running I also did some forward lunges and squats. I’ve read that the kind of knee pain I have can be because the quadraceps isn’t enough supportive. I don’t think I have a problem with that, but better being safe than sorry… Another reason could be me increasing the mileage a lot when starting the build up program.

On monday (day 7 of build up) I joined at the floor ball training. Yesterday I had to regret that since I had many unnecessarily sore muscles :S. I ran anyway, but I felt I needed to keep myself back a little so that I could recover fully.

Day 6

Distance: 12.09
Time: 1:00:01
Avg pace: 4:58
Avg HR: 149
Avg cadence: 90

Day 8

Distance: 12.03
Time: 1:00:01
Avg pace: 4:59
Avg HR: 152
Avg cadence: 90

Frosty the snowman…

That song line pretty much describes how I felt during the run today.
– 16 degrees Celsius. The trees were frosty white like in the most beautiful winterland. And my tears froze once more..

Great run. But I wouldn’t be ungrateful if it got a couple degrees warmer 🙂

The second day of the build up phase and 2nd day in a row with 1 hour run. I started feeling something in my left knee. Hope that it won’t be there still at tomorrows run.

Distance: 12.48
Time: 1:00:01
Avg pace: 4:49
Avg HR: 149
Avg cadence: 90

Detailed garmin data

Too much details?

Since I got “a little” obsessive about my training sometime in the middle of 2009 I couldn’t just leave it there. Of course I had to take it a step further. In the end of that year that meant buying a body composition scale – also called BIA scale (Bioelectric Impedance Analysis). Mine is a Beurer and I’m very pleased with it.

To get accurate readings worth analyzing over time you need to get measured in same conditions every time. It’s impossible to get all variables exactly the same, but some things, like using it at the same time in the morning before eating or drinking can be a good start.

I won’t bore you with too much info of the scale… Anyway, today I measured and got the data:

Weight: 66.2 kg
Bodyfat: 9.7 %
Muscle: 45.9 %
Water: 65.9 %
Bone mass: 10.5 kg
Basal Metabolic rate: 1668 kcal
Active Metabolic rate: 3088 kcal

Basal Metabolic rate is the amount of calories needed to be kept going for a day
Active Metabolic rate is the amount of calories burnt in a day.

First day of build up phase

The build up phase is supposed to build up the aerobic endurance. The program Gavin has made up on Time-to-run.com consists mostly of 1 hour relaxed runs with some hill running and a couple of long runs. The effort shouldn’t be higher than 75% of maximum.

I asked him how long I should do it and he told me I could do it as long as I don’t have any races planned. As for now, I have none. So it’s just to get onto it 🙂

Distance: 12.36
Time: 1:00:02
Avg pace: 4:51
Avg HR: 147
Avg cadence: 90

Damn cold today! below -10 Celsius. Usually I only wear my long tights without anything under, but today I felt compelled to wear long johns underneath. My eyes teared and the tears froze :S
But, but.. I you want something badly, you better fight for it – And I do!!