Getting work done

After the run today I did the Bodyweight 500 workout just to build up some muscles for the coming season. I asked TheEd when I should start with it and he said now is fine. Last time I did it was in China some time in early November, which I felt today 😉

I did it in over 26 minutes, while back then at around 21-22 minutes if I’m not mistaken. I also got really worn out from it, to be honest even felt a little sick in the stomach a couple of minutes afterwards.

For those who don’t know the Bodyweight 500 workout is mainly made up of strength core exercises which are done as fast as possible to also gain the cardio training effect. There are a lot of leg exercises in it which I believe can be good for running improvement.

It is made up by Craig Ballantyne who claims it to be similar to the 300 workout, famous of being one of the workouts the actors did to get in shape for the movie 300 – only that you are supposed to not need a lot of gear for the Bodyweight 500 workout. Read about it here

Bodyweight 500 workout

Today I did the 1 hour run with last 15 min at 65 %. It feels good to switch to a little higher pace. Makes me long for even higher paces later on 🙂

Link to detailed Garmin data

Day 9, 2nd build up
1hr easy with last 15min of 1hr at 65% effort

Lap Distance Time Avg Pace Avg HR Max HR Cadence
1 7.93 45:01 5:41 132 143 90
2 3.49 17:41 5:04 152 160 91