Day 20 / sub 40 – 30 min easy

It was only -5 degrees today 🙂

Had an early run in the morning.
Felt good. A little sore thighs from yesterdays training race.

The snow crystals whipped in the face. It didn’t bother me too much – but it sure gave me a kick-start of the day.

Distance: 6.27
Time: 30:31
Avg pace: 4:52
Avg HR: 149
Cadence: 91

Link to detailed garmin data

Day 19 / sub 40 – race day (training) 10k

Today in the morning before I was about to take the run I wasn’t up for it at all. The ground was packed with snow and the temperature lay around -8 degrees Celsius.

Snowy street in bolltorp, Alingsås 2010-11-27

I knew that my racing time wouldn’t be accurate, so the whole thing felt a little futile. The reason for that is that I haven’t got a measured track on plain ground to run at here in Alingsås so then I have to rely on the garmin watch footpod’s accuracy, which I from before know to have faulted a little too much – even in summertime. And when the ground is a little slippery like it was today the little kinetic sensor in the footpod will be even more unreliable.

Earlier this year, when I ran at kretsloppet the watch showed 10.45 km and that I ran with an avg pace of 4:48. Since I ran after the pace of the watch that lead to me thinking I did a better race than I did. :S

So – never rely on the accuracy of the pod. I haven’t calibrated it, but sometimes it shows 0.5k wrong in both directions, so that shouldn’t change it that much.

But… I ran a good training race today and even if it later shows that I didn’t ran exactly 10k I’m satisfied. It was cold as **** and more than half of the time I had head-wind, which made the freezing wind even more evil 😀

For fun I weighed myself before and after. I’ve never done that before.

Christian Schmeikal in the snow outside home in Bolltorp 2010-11-27
Me in the snow outside home in Bolltorp 2010-11-27

Weight before: 66.5 kg
Weight after: 66.1 kg

So I lost 0.4 dl of fluids during the run.

Here’s the data for the training race. And remember – the distance and pace may not be totally accurate 😉

Total distance: 10 km
Total Time: 38:37
Avg pace: 3:52
Avg HR: 176
Cadence: 93

For those interested to look closer at all the detailed data and graphs visit my garmin page:

Data from my 10k training race at 10-11-27

Day 17 / sub 40 – 30min easy + intervals at race speed

Day 17 / sub 40 – 30min easy 6x1min fast with 1min slow – 1min @ Race Pace F

Today was a great running day. Even though the temperature was -5 degrees Celsius here in Alingsås. The wind was still and the snowy surface was perfectly hard. It didn’t feel that hard at all to switch to the 1 min intervals after 30 min of slow running. Sometimes it does.

One day I will have to attach a photo of how the surroundings here look like now when they’re covered in white. It’s very beautiful. When there’s no snow Sweden can be very dark and unfriendly in wintertime. We only have around seven hours of daylight here then, but the white snow really lights up in a nice way.

Total distance: 9.04
Total time: 42:22

Easy run
Time: 30:22
Distance: 6.24
Avg pace: 4:52
Avg HR: 148

Lap 1: Avg pace: 3:52, Avg HR: 168
Rest: Avg pace: 4:55, Avg HR: 163, end HR: 159

Lap 2: Avg pace: 3:52, Avg HR: 168
Rest: Avg pace: 4:45, Avg HR: 167, end HR: 166

Lap 3: Avg pace: 3:51, Avg HR: 173
Rest: Avg pace: 5:13, Avg HR: 167, end HR: 162

Lap 4: Avg pace: 3:36, Avg HR: 173
Rest: Avg pace: 5:01, Avg HR: 169, end HR: 165

Lap 5: Avg pace: 3:44, Avg HR: 172
Rest: Avg pace: 5:14, Avg HR: 169, end HR: 166

Lap 6: Avg pace: 3:46, Avg HR: 172
Rest: Avg pace: 4:46, Avg HR: 172, end HR: 163

Day 16 / sub 40 – easy day 40 min

Today I will almost fully recovered from the race at Sunday, so I decided to continue with the sub 40 program. I don’t have many days left. Worst thing is, yesterday should actually have been an interval exercise, but hopefully they won’t spoil things too much… Along with everything else I’ve done differently lately 😉

Now it has snowed for a couple of days in a row. But I was lucky. They had plowed most of my usual running route so it wasn’t that much of a problem running. But I fear for the race-trial I will do on Saturday if everything’s like this. I might have to be a little flexible with my own view of the result then.

Anyway, that will be a later problem, now to todays result

Time: 40:09
Distance: 8.22
Avg Pace: 4:53
Avg HR: 151
Avg Cadence: 90

Day 15 / sub 40 program – modified to 20-30 min recovery run

During the night to today it snowed a lot here in western Sweden, so the morning was white and nice. But in Gothenburg, where I work, the snow thawed. That wasn’t the perfect surface to run on, but for the slow pace I had today it worked fine.

Time: 25:56
Distance: 5.35
Avg Pace: 4:51
Avg HR: 161
Avg Cadence: 91

Haven’t looked at the graph yet, but there seems to be something wrong with my HR-monitor as you can see from my high HR. Need to clean it good probably.