Exhausting running

The evening day before yesterday  I did some strength exercises (Quadraceps, calves, abdomen, back etc.). It probably wasn’t such a good idea to do them so close to a running. Especially not now when I’m increasing my mileage. It’s tough as it is. So yesterday morning my 1 hour run was VERY exhausting. It usually is – well, all running here in this climate is very tough – but this was worse than usual. My breathing isn’t very heavy, but still my pulse is high and my legs get easily tired. It’s hard to even keep the speed up at the recovery runs. Maybe it had much to do with the strenth workout this time. I hope so.. I will have to see tomorrow if my body has managed to recover properly.

Wed 20 July – Easy run in fuzhou

1:00 – 12.00 km – 5:00 min/km – 160 in avg hr

First 1 hour run in a while

So, after a chat with Coach in the time-to-run forum I agreed to instead running every 2nd day and for a whole hour instead of every day. This to still let the body recover sufficiently. On the morning to Monday, when I came home from work, there were heavy rain, so I went to sleep instead and went out running around 2:30 p.m. instead. Unfortunately that wasn’t much better, since it was a quite hot day. But I did my hour. I felt a little sore in the thighs even before – maybe because of the two runs in a row the past two days. It was tough, both that and the heat, but I made it through and only followed my body – never looking at the watch. That’s why it was a little slower than before too. But it felt good. And, I just remembered, I used heel pads I bought on Taobao (Chinese ebay) for 12 yuan (approx 2 USD). Very good investment. I don’t know if they helped, but I didn’t have any niggles today either. They were comfortable to run with at least 🙂

Mon 18 July – Easy run in fuzhou

1:00 – 11.40 km – 5:16 min/km – 161 in avg hr

Everyday run – first attempt

This morning I tried a shorter run just to see how my achilles coped with everyday running. It felt good. I was a little stiff in it in the morning, though, but no niggles. The run went very good. Ran for 27 minutes. It’s evident that the most load now have moved to my quadraceps. When I stretch now, they are much tighter than the calfs.

I really hope it will hold this time
Sun 17 July – Easy run in fuzhou

27:07 – 5.49 km – 4:56 min/km – 150 in avg hr

Trying to duplicate

Earlier today I ran and tried to duplicate the run two days ago. Going down with the heel and still a high cadence. It didn’t feel any different today. And I haven’t had any problems these past days with the achilles. I’m really hoping this will help. It do seem logic.

Tomorrow I will do a short run, just to get me going on every day run. Haven’t had any trouble whatsoever during the whole week now and I feel ready.
I forgot to put on the footpod on today’s run though, so no distance or pace, but I ran exactly the same course as two days ago, meaning I was a little slower today.

Sat 16 July – Easy run in fuzhou

44:04 – 162 in avg hr

Can a midfoot strike cause Achilles tendonitis?

A few days ago I read an article at Science of sport about whether heel-, midfoot- or forefoot-strike were most efficient in running.


It was very interesting and made me think of my present situation with injury and everything. Since 2009 I’ve believed that a midfoot strike is the best, no matter what speed. Now I guess some of you will go “I can’t believe this guy! Hey honey, have you heard?…” But since I haven’t had any injuries until recently I haven’t thought it to be bad at least.

But it makes sense – I have pressed myself  hard in very short time. I did that during the spring when I ran races with short time in between and at the same time  increased my speed. midfoot strike would make the calfs work hard making them tight. If I always run like that even on the easy runs maybe the calfs never get to rest enough. At least it could be an explanation to my injured achilles.

Anyway, I thought it couldn’t hurt to try to adjust my strike a little. So on my last run I forced myself to land on the heel. Just slightly, hardly noticable. Though I did feel a great difference. For the first time I felt the cushion in my very flat Adidas Adizero CS 🙂 And also, I didn’t get a single niggle. Afterwards my calfs weren’t one tenth as tight as they usually are. It was even hard to get anything out of stretching them. I also noticed that my cadence still didn’t change. I were at 90 strides / min. The thing is, I’ve read that at a stride of 90 you force yourself to land on the midfoot. Well, according to the article above I guess that is only applicable if you run fast enough. It would be very interesting if they would film one of the elites running slowly (like I do) to examine how they land.

Since my little experiment worked so fine I will try it again on Saturday 😉

Tue 12 July – Easy run in fuzhou

41:04 – 8.12 km – 5:04 min/km – 150 in avg hr



Some things never change, but this MUST

At yesterdays run I had a few niggles. Not very apparent, but I still felt them. I did all my best not to focus to much on them, but I felt that I needed to slow down in the end.

It’s all so strange. They seem to come all randomly. Sometimes I just stand still and don’t move at all and there it is.. And when I walk around it doesn’t show. It doesn’t seem to matter if I’m warmed up or not either..

It’s not on the achilles, more somewhere at the joint, but I can never feel any pain when I search for it with my hands. Nowhere.. I’m all confused. If I didn’t know better I would think it had something to do with nerves..

I’ve read around, and I seem to have insertional achilles tendonitis. It’s not so common to recover from with physical strengthening. But I did find one medical study suggesting the heel lifts on a stair could help in some cases. The important thing was to lift with the load on the good leg and lower with the bad leg.

I’ve seen many photos of achilles tendonitis, both on the mid-section and the insertional ones. I have no visible swelling or thickening – and, like I wrote above – I’m not tender to any touch, hard as soft. So it can’t be that severe.. Only – it won’t go away.

What is insertional achilles tendonitis?

Achilles tendinopathy: Treatment strategies – a more medical article on how to attack the problem

Tue 12 July – Easy run in fuzhou

41:04 – 8.12 km – 5:04 min/km – 150 in avg hr

Yet another run

Back in Fuzhou. I will write a post about the weekend – but this is solely for the running and injury.

The day after the Fridays run I thought I would feel something in the morning. Amazingly I didn’t. I persisted in my strengthening exercises of the achilles. The icing was a little hard these past two days though, but I have been trying to keep the foot elevated as often as I could. It’s not always appropiate among newly met friends 😉

No niggles during the Saturday either. Not even in the morning.

Today I ran when I came home to Fuzhou – in the afternoon. It started raining during the run – heavily. But it was quite refreshing compared to the usual climate. They say it’s supposed to rain quite a lot in the beginning of the summer here, but at least I haven’t noticed..

No niggles at all during the run either. So now I’m up to 4 days without a single trace of it. However I get easily tight in the calfs – especially the right one, where I’ve been having the problems. I try my best to stretch it away – I do know that it’s a symptom to Achilles Tendonitis.

Moving on..

Sun 10 July – Easy run in fuzhou

46:23 – 9.47 km – 5:08 min/km – 166 in avg hr

Gotta keep going

Me and Coach have been talking now. I’m going back to running every 2nd day and not even one hour. He says I need to relax, stay positive, find consistensy and not think too much. It’s hard at times like these. When nothing seems to help. But I will try.

So now I’ve had one day of rest. I Did my run just like we had talked about. No look at the watch, no run after pace, time or heart rate. Just run. I’ve done some strengthening exercises for the achilles and calf muscles which feels good. A lot of stretch, icing and elevation of it too..

Strange is, when I ran “relaxed” without looking I noticed afterwards that I had been running at a quite high pace. The only thing that was tough was the breathing – but it always is here in this climate.

Like every time I don’t have any niggles during my run. It has just shown a little in the morning and sometimes when I walk up stairs during the day.

stretched and iced 2 times afterwards now, it’s time to sleep. Tomorrow I’m going to Quanzhou where Marco Polo were..

Fri 8 July – Easy run in fuzhou

43:41 – 9.11 km – 4:48 min/km – 156 in avg hr

So tired of this injury

This morning I felt something in the achilles again. No pain – just something. And something is too much. I thought I was through with this now. Two weeks without even a trace, and now it might be coming back..

I really don’t need this. I guess noone does, I’m just so tired of it. I spent the day stretching the calf muscles and achilles several times thoroughly. I decided to go running still, but I only did 30 minutes. I stretched before and immediately after. I also applied ice for 10 minutes after it.

I suppose I will have to take it easy another week.

I didn’t feel “light” at all

First day of the program. At today’s run I couldn’t bear running for more than 40 minutes even though I know I said I would run more today to compensate yesterdays lack. I just felt heavy and my breathing was strained. I don’t know why, but one possibility could be the exercising I did earlier on the day. I did 50 forward lunges and 50 toe lifts among other things. That might have been it. Also I switched shoes to another pair according to what Coach has told me. It’s to decrease the risk of injury – to switch between at least two different pairs of shoes. Anyway, I felt I had to fight more to maintain the pace. Much more than I had to do the past three days.

Else I don’t know.

Tue 5 July – Easy run in fuzhou

40:06 – 8.16 km – 4:55 min/km – 162 in avg hr