Thoughts about the coming race today (Lerumsloppet)

Early morning, 4 hours left until the race. Loaded myself with water since yesterday. In the late evening yesterday I also stuffed myself with wholegrains and yoghurt. An hour ago I ate spaghetti with tuna. I think that will be the last thing I eat before the race – I don’t want to risk upsetting the stomach.

During the race I plan to keep a pace of around 4:50 the first 4.3 km. Then comes the slope going on for around one km and lifts us up nearly 60 meters. Then I will try to keep the pace to around 4:00, but I know I will drop to around 4:15-4:20 after a while. It’s ok. I don’t want to come to dry-retching, which will be hard not to with such an incline.

After 5,3 km it goes downhill all the way to the finish line. So 60 meters downwards for 4,7 km. Then I will try to gain some of what a lost. So I will try to keep a pace of at least 3:40-3:45 most of the time.

But we’ll see. Keeping a pace of around 4:00 for such a long incline upwards might be unrealistic.

Taking cover from the force of nature

Winter Running
Winter Running

Today I thought about running all day – until late in the evening. But.. I didn’t dare. Earlier during the day I had fallen on the solid ice that now covers most of the ground here in this part of Sweden. Not too speak of the 10-15 times I’ve almost fallen, but in the end managed to keep myself on two feet..

It’s really awful when it’s like this. I don’t mind if there are tons of snow – as long as it keeps that way. But when it thaws, becomes slush and then freezes to thick ice, it’s not as funny. And it seems it will be like this for a while. In the weather forecast they speak of just a couple of plus degrees for every day the coming week, meaning it will will take long, long time for the ice to melt.

Analyzing yesterdays performance I think I could’ve done better if I had started out at a lower pace. I recognize from before the fatigue that appears when going out too tough. I’ll try to follow my own advices the next time (which I managed to neglect in my blindness of greed for way too rapid progress).

Now I hope that the sub program approaches. I’ve asked TheEd (coach) about it and if he’s positive it will start tomorrow. The programs are best to start on at Tuesdays so that the tough runs comes during the weekend. He’s feedback on the 4k yesterday was that he didn’t seem to think that less than 4:00 min/km was that bad.. Well, I wish I could be as positive in this case..

Now I’ve got the new digital camera going also, so there will hopefully be more photos on the blog 😉

Looking forward to tomorrow and a fresh new start with boundaries to cross!!

Take care!