I’m getting all frustrated

Is this annoying or what?! Just as I thought the cold would vanish after two days of runny nose it went over to being a cough instead. The kind that tickles in the throat. This means I won’t even be able to run a single meter probably for the rest of the week 🙁 Really turns me down. I’m getting very frustrated. I deal with adversity much better when I’m in control and actively can do something about it. But this kind – just to wait it out – really gets on my nerve. I feel I have been forced to neglecting the running as it is the past month. I haven’t even been able to run for full since.. It must be around 20th of May, so it’s even over 40 days now! I don’t want to think about what that can do to my fitness. On the other hand, pushing oneself when the body has said no is an even worse idea. I really hope I will be able to achieve my ambitions of breaking the sub 37 this year, though. Seems like I’m getting further and further away from it as the situation is right now..

Just as I was about to start..

Yesterday I caught a cold. It’s only a runny nose and a heavy head. Unfortunately Coach gave me hands up to start on the program again, which I should’ve done later today. Only a little easy, but anyway. I was really looking forward to run every day once again. This every other day running isn’t for me. Somehow it feels too inconsitent. I know it isn’t, but still.

I’ve asked for advice on how to proceed, but I guess it won’t be much running the coming couple of days.

Here’s my data from Mondays run. I wasn’t in Fuzhou during this weekend either, we took a trip to Hangzhou to celebrate Midsummer with a Swedish coworker and his family. There it was harder for me to run, so I had a few days off too.. It seems there’s less and less running for me. Quite depressing when I come to think of it.

Mon 27 June – In fuzhou

1:00:24 – 12.26 km – 4:56 min/km – 154 in avg hr