Had to break

On this mornings run I felt very confident and fit. It felt like I didn’t break a sweat before at least twenty minutes had past. Of course I did, but not extensively. I count from when I need to wipe away it from my eyebrows or upper lip 🙂

Unfortunately the run wasn’t completed. Not the full 40 minutes I aimed for. Two hours earlier a chinese guy took us to the cantine on the depot. I usually only eat a big cup of instant noodles (The ones they have here in china are really delicious! I could live only on them) between 12 and 1 a.m. Then I go running around 5.30 a.m and never have a problem. Today I had, meaning I had to take a shorter route and end it at around 36 minutes. But I intend to take a little longer route tomorrow instead.

This was a very evident indication of what has been the root to my digestional problems. I haven’t had any at all for over a month..

Mon 4 July – Easy run in fuzhou

35:50 – 7.26 km – 4:57 min/km – 153 in avg hr


A fresh start

On early saturday morning I decided I had recovered enough from the cold, so I went out running for 40 minutes. It felt good allthrough, and even if I walked 18 holes of golfing at 37 degrees heat I still was up for another run this morning (Sunday). This second run didn’t have exactly as good data as the first, but still.. It’s hard to know what to expect when the air humidity varies between 58% and 86%. This morning I know it was around 80%. I just hope it keeps going this well. Then hopefully I can begin the program again on Tuesday 🙂

Sat 2 July – Easy run in fuzhou

40:08 – 8.20 km – 4:54 min/km – 148 in avg hr

Sun 3 July – Easy run in fuzhou

40:03 – 8.14 km – 4:55 min/km – 159 in avg hr



First run in Fuzhou – China

Late evening view of the West Lake in Fuzhou from my apartment

Now I’m in China, Fuzhou. I arrived here two days ago, very tired from the almost 18 hours long trip. I had only managed to sleep three hours during the flight between Helsinki and Shanghai. When I arrived here in Fuzhou we went out to buy things for the appartment I will live in and immediately after that we went eating. By then we almost starved to death. We went to a Japanese chain called Ajisen Noodle which is very nice. I have eaten there many times before and it’s never a bad idea.

Then we went straight to work. We work during the night between 11 pm and 3.30 am. During the very bumpy cartrip home I slumbered a few times. I wasn’t up for it, but when I came to the apartment I changed clothes and went running.

It is a special thing to run around in over 30 degrees heat right at dawn in Fuzhou. There are not many cars on the roads, but a lot of people in the small parks are doing their morning exercises which by us westerners seem very peculiar. Some walk backwards and clap their hands in front and back of the body. Some play badminton without nets or nets just stretched between two trees. Some women are rolling their hips and making strange sounds. I also saw a few who did the Thai chi – An ancient Chinese movement therapy. It was very sweaty because of the tropical heat, but still nice..

Last week I’ve been running every other day and the day in between I’ve been doing some bodyweight workouts just to keep the body, especially the legs, on the edge.

I still get niggles in the heel, but I feel it less and less. I hope I will have no problem at all after the two prescribed weeks.

The running I do is very relaxed, however I noticed that here in this heat I can’t keep my heart rate down as much as I could back in Sweden. I guess it’s only normal – it sure is harder to breath here

When the body disagrees with the performance

This Monday I had pains in the right achilles tendon right when I started running my 1 hour easy run. They disappeared after a minute, but came back for short whiles during the run. Most of the time I didn’t feel it at all.

I asked Coach what to do about it on the Tuesday – I also told him I had caught a minor cold, which I still have 🙁

He answered that it was the body’s way to react when I now had increased my race speed at the race last Saturday. He told me it is best to take it easy, cut the runs by 20-30%. Also, it could be good to ice the achilles tendon right after practice and heat it with a bean/wheat-bag or similar during the evening. Then he adviced me to read about the achilles tendonities injury in time-to-run’s injury section and how to treat it to recover in shortest time possible.

Like you can see below I took it very easy during today’s and yesterday’s runs. Now I’m a little concerned with Thursday’s 5 x 2k run. What will it do to my performance if I’m not able to do it? I’ll have to ask Coach.

Tue 17 May – easy recovery run

6.36 km – 5:49 min/km – 123 in avg hr

Wed 18 May – easy recovery run

6.32 km – 5:48 min/km – 123 in avg hr

New surroundings

Today I went to Västerås again on job. I got a tip from some guys at work of a great place to run at. It’s an island outside of Västerås called Björnön. It has a lot of measured running trails going everywhere. Though some of them still had parts of packed ice left, at least one or two were possible to run.

I took the 5k and after that I continued back to Västerås along the usual road. It was really great to run at soft trail ground and feel the nature so tightly around oneself 🙂 It felt like it was pretty long since I experienced new nature to run in. This summer I will try to find new trails around Alingsås to run at. One downside is that they usually include areas of slopes which isn’t ideal for running at low heart rate.. But maybe that doesn’t matter that much if only most of it is plain.

Here’s the data from todays 1 hour run, but it had some really bad slopes, which kept the heart rate a little high

Day 9, Sub 40 program – 4th round
1hr easy

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 10.56 1:00.00 5:41 132 166 88

Am I getting something?

Both yesterday and today I’ve been feeling a little slow, tired and heavy when running. Yesterday it was a normal easy run and today I did 30 min easy + 6 x 1 min at race pace with 1 min of easy in between. I managed, but it didn’t feel very solid and good.

At home two of my kids have puked a lot – we seem to have got what we in Sweden call winter-puke-sickness – vinterkräksjuka. I have felt slight indications of a cold and a little strange in the stomach – but like you know that’s quite ordinary for me 😉

Let’s just not hope I wont be able to participate in the race. I really really want to do it. I guees it’s just to take each day as it comes now. By now I don’t think I can prevent it if I’ve really gotten the sickness anyway, so..

One good thing might be to try to remember to check my wake up pulse tomorrow.

Over and out..

A 1 hour “longest run”

Yesterday I had my longest run, which is supposed to go on for up to 90 minutes. I felt alright, but because of the complications in the end of the 2k intervals I felt that it’s better being safe than sorry. In the early morning I took my wake up heart rate, which was 48. Coach says that if it’s more than 10 beats above the usual one better be cautious. I haven’t checked mine earlier, but I can’t imagine it being much lower than that. But I felt it was better to play it safe anyway, so my run was very calm and I only ran for an hour.

Today I had another 1 hour easy run, which felt refreshing and fine – except for the heart rate monitor going nuts for a while, then.. :S

Detailed Garmin data

Day 5, Sub 40 program – 3rd round
1hr easy

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 10.19 1:00.06 5:54 124 142 88

Detailed Garmin data

Day 6, Sub 40 program – 3rd round
Longest run, up to 90 min on feet

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 10.22 1:00.19 5:54 127 192 89

As you can see on the first run of these two I have dropped a lot in the heart rate, which I believe to be a good indication of improved running ecomony. Hope it gives me some advantages on the coming races 😉


The past two days I’ve been running the first two days of the sub 40 program. Nothing special about it, really – good, solid runs, no discomforts or lack of energy or strength 🙂

And yeah, the Garmin heart rate monitor went bananas yesterday again.. For a long time during the run. So the heart rate below isn’t truthful, but I write it anyway 😀

Detailed Garmin data

Day 1, Sub 40 program – 3rd round
1hr easy

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 10.18 1:00.00 5:54 139 184 90

Detailed Garmin data

Day 2, Sub 40 program – 3rd round
1hr easy

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 10.16 1:00.01 5:55 130 149 90

What unhealthy food makes to your running

Today I started by register my minimum heart rate. It went down to 40 for a couple of times during the 15 minutes I recorder lying on the sofa. Here’s the heart rate data. Last time I tested it I had a heart rate of 42, I believe was in the Summer of 2009. So in my case I’m not sure that the minimum heart rate is a very good indicator of how good fitness I am in. I know I wasn’t very fit by then 😀

During the afternoon the only things I ate were a piece of Strawberry cheesecake and one half pizza. That really showed at my run session one and half hour after the pizza.. The past few days I have eaten exactly how I should. And at those days I have felt light, strong and powerful – today it was morelike heavy, slow and tired.. And on top of that my heart rate rushed. I for one believe that it was because of the unhealthy food. I got all the calories, just of the wrong type :S

I’m talking with coach now about how I should plan this week.. Is it going to be another start of a sub 40 program or a build up? I have decided to have my first race at March 21 instead. That is four weeks from now, and it’s the seeding race of the Gothenburg half marathon. I just read his response – It seems this week will be a build up week, and then I’m up for the sub 40 again 😉

Detailed Garmin data

Day 1, Build up
1 hour easy

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 10.82 1:02.03 5:44 137 156 91

Back again on the road

Today I got Emma (my wife) and Julie (the newborn) home. There were a lot of excitement, especially from the other two girls having longed for both their mother and to meet the new baby.

I got back to the running this evening. The coach told me I should just hop onto the current week and current day without trying to recover what’s lost – he said that is futile.

And by the way, the Garmin lost it again 😉

Detailed Garmin data

Day 16, sub 40 10k – 2nd round
1 hour easy

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 10.43 59:52 5:44 135 172 92