Just missed the sleet

Today I had another very, very easy run. The past few days I’ve felt another little indication. A little strain in the back of the right thigh. I don’t think it’s anything bad, but I don’t want to push my luck, so going out hard is out of the question. Therefore I kept myself at a heart rate below 130.. And I also luckily managed to miss the sleet falling down now as I type this 😉

But it was hard to keep the heart rate below 130 in the beginning of the run.. On plain ground and at a pace between 5:00 and 6:00 I evidently had a heart rate that went beyond my max heart rate.. Over 200.. And it held itself between 160 and 180 during the first 5 minutes or something. In other words – The Garmin went bananas today again… I wonder how long it will take before it reaches the trash… I can’t help it, but I really want it to work as it should. So I keep giving it second chances.. Maybe it’s time to give the Garmin people a call 🙂 But what good would that do? It’s out of warranty.

No Garmin data yet, but I will update with it later today 🙂

Day 7, 2nd sub 40 10k round
10k easy

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 10.00 58:58 5:54 133 203 90

Soft on my knees, but I might need to strap myself up a little harder

It snowed all night and most of the day too. Made a soft and nice coating on today’s run. I still feel something in my left knee at some of my runs (don’t really know why, but I try to work it away with my strength training), which hopefully got a little better caring today when the ground was soft as wool 🙂

One thing that nagged me though, was that my Garmin was playing games with me again. It was ok most of the run, but during the end it started dancing around again :S

You know that when your heart rate start jumping 5-10 beats up and down at a time while keeping a steady pace, it’s either time to see a doctor (or maybe a Shaman) or your gear is trying to make you nuts for some reason.

It seems it usually happens when it’s around 0 degrees outside.. Might be a coincidence. Another thing might be that I strap the heart rate monitor too loose, because when I pressed it against my chest today it got much better immediately.. I’ll try to strap me up a little harder in the future 😀

About the time trial on Saturday I’ve been adviced by TheEd to do it on a treadmill instead of slippery surface. Don’t know how to lay it up yet, but… Maybe to start out at 3:40 the first km and then try to increase.. Well, we’ll see about that 😉

Day 15, 2nd build up
1hr easy and totally relaxed – at ease through out

Lap Distance Time Avg Pace Avg HR Max HR Avg Cadence
1 10.99 1:04:40 5:53 133 164 89

PS. Today I bought a new Olympus system camera, which hopefully will be put in use soon so that I’ll get some more photos up here.