Still on the move, it seems – New PB on 10k race Hälsoloppet in Alingsås

Christian Schmeikal in 10k race Hälsoloppet 2011-05-14
At the final sprint of Hälsoloppet 2011

Yesterday’s race proved to be another PB. There were not many participators, I don’t know how many, but most were quite good runners so I felt I still had to fight for a good place. The track was a 5 km that we ran twice. It was on my usual running grounds, so I was familiar with the surroundings making it easy to anticipate what strength I had to put in for the inclines.

One thing I am very proud of is that I managed to sprint during almost the whole last km. Usually I do that at the last 300 meters only, but today I when I tried to push it at the last km during a small incline I got “blooded tooth” and went for it. It felt great!

I believe the track didn’t mesure exactly 10 km, but it was close. My finish time was exactly 38 minutes and I think I was at 3rd or 4th place. I still haven’t seen any results on the Internet and I don’t know if they will come. But I am very pleased with the results. This proves that consistency means everything, and the fact that when I went for 3:45-3:50 for the last session of 5 x 2km and managed to do it without complications showed that I was ready for the pace. 🙂

To get blooded tooth (blodad tand) is by the way a Swedish expression coming from bears being herbivores, but if they once eat an other animal they might become predators from that moment on. Strange, isn’t it? In English the expression is compared to getting taste for something.