Race result (Midnight run)

Well, I can’t say that I’m satisfied, but that would be strange considering that I’ve run a 10k close to 38 min this year. On the other hand I can honestly say that I did my best.

It had rained the hour before start, the start was postponed over half an hour. So we stood there in the start trap getting cold and frustrated. There were something the police had to solve in a crossing somewhere along the track.

I didn’t look much at the pace on the clock, trying to make my own pace. I didn’t get much sleep last night – the children were sick and awake a lot, so I figured both that and my lack of fitness could be a reason not to push myself too hard. However, when I had run 8 km I felt that I had a lot of strength left. And even if I had a long uphill left I pushed. And at the 9 km mark I increased even a little more.

The end time I got was 40:05. But on the race homepage I noticed that my avg pace was 3:57, meaning the track must be around 10.2 km long. I should be quite happy with that, but I have hard not to think of what I need to regain. Anyway, it was a nice race with lots of onlookers and bands playing everywhere. Makes one feel really alive!

Midnattsloppet, Göteborg (Midnight run, Gothenburg) 27 August

Mark – Time – Split – Avg pace
5km – 20:21 – 20:21 – 4:05
End – 40:05 – 19:44 – 3:57