First race of the year

Christian Schmeikal going for the finish line 2011-03-27
Going for the finish line 2011-03-27

It was not a success, but then again neither a failure. My plan was to go out at 3:50, keep that up and increase at the last 2k. It didn’t go exactly that way, but not bad anyway.

I went out at 3:50 and kept it up for most part of the race. Unfortunately I also noticed that my pod and the actual km signs didn’t sync – my pod was a little too cheerful 😉

The trail was on gravel and halfish trail-running-like. There were slopes but mostly big ones. After the sixth km there were a long long slope and

I started to increase in speed while going upwards. I succeeded very nicely. But almost at the top of the around 400 meter long slope I felt that I came closer

The finish line 2011-03-27
The finish line 2011-03-27

to a limit. I felt the retchings come sneaking, so I slowed down a little. After a little while it felt better, so I began increasing again, but then it happened – I started retching!

Usually when exercising I stop and go through with it at the side of the road. But now, during the race I didn’t want to spoil anything, so I went on running while in retchings. Of course I had to slow down a little while into it all, but as it calmed down I could continue at the same pace.. But.. Worst is that I weren’t able to increase like I planned.

I finished at 30:46, which is acceptable at a 7777 meter race. I had hoped for better, but at least it’s under 4:00 min/km 🙂

Today I feel quite fine in the legs. I did my 1 hour easy run in the slush that had come from a sudden snowing during the day. But it all feels very good and I hope for even better results in the time to come 😀

First race 2011
First race 2011 - me and the girls
Christian Schmeikal after the race 2011-03-27
Me after the race 2011-03-27