A lot to think about lately

Hi out there!

Haven’t been so active here the past few days. Some may think that I’m overly active at other times, but for me this is a down ๐Ÿ™‚

I got the bad news from my boss that I’m not going to China due to certain things that has happened over there. It’s bad new since we’ve planned our lives after it and have been waiting for it for over a year. Now we just have to replan it all along with me giving all my efforts to chase work oppertunities abroad. We really counted on the increase of income it would bring to be able to build our future house. :S

But, but.. Not all news can be good, right?

On the other hand there’s a lot going on at home now with the baby (Julie), it always fun to see how fast those small individuals grow and develops. But man, it’s a lot of work! some people say that it gets easier with every child. We have three now and it has been as much of work with each put together with taking care of the other. No wonder home parents are so worn ๐Ÿ˜€

Considering my running the past days I’ve done a few 1 hour runs and the 6 x 1km intervals, which I’m pretty satisfied with. Though I really have to put my last bit of energy into each km to keep the pace up.

I haven’t felt anything more retchings neither and my wake up pulse have been at 48 all days but one – then I had 56. The funny thing is that I felt more worn that day overall.

Later today I will post my data these past days. Take care!

A 1 hour “longest run”

Yesterday I had my longest run, which is supposed to go on for up to 90 minutes. I felt alright, but because of the complications in the end of the 2k intervals I felt that it’s better being safe than sorry. In the early morning I took my wake up heart rate, which was 48. Coach says that if it’s more than 10 beats above the usual one better be cautious. I haven’t checked mine earlier, but I can’t imagine it being much lower than that. But I felt it was better to play it safe anyway, so my run was very calm and I only ran for an hour.

Today I had another 1 hour easy run, which felt refreshing and fine – except for the heart rate monitor going nuts for a while, then.. :S

Detailed Garmin data

Day 5, Sub 40 program – 3rd round
1hr easy

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 10.19 1:00.06 5:54 124 142 88

Detailed Garmin data

Day 6, Sub 40 program – 3rd round
Longest run, up to 90 min on feet

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 10.22 1:00.19 5:54 127 192 89

As you can see on the first run of these two I have dropped a lot in the heart rate, which I believe to be a good indication of improved running ecomony. Hope it gives me some advantages on the coming races ๐Ÿ˜‰


The past two days I’ve been running the first two days of the sub 40 program. Nothing special about it, really – good, solid runs, no discomforts or lack of energy or strength ๐Ÿ™‚

And yeah, the Garmin heart rate monitor went bananas yesterday again.. For a long time during the run. So the heart rate below isn’t truthful, but I write it anyway ๐Ÿ˜€

Detailed Garmin data

Day 1, Sub 40 program – 3rd round
1hr easy

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 10.18 1:00.00 5:54 139 184 90

Detailed Garmin data

Day 2, Sub 40 program – 3rd round
1hr easy

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 10.16 1:00.01 5:55 130 149 90

Day after racing boost

I’ve found many times now that I strangely perform better at the recovery runs the day after doing a tempo run or time trial. I don’t know if it’s something that everyone experiences – it feels like a day after race boost. Usually it goes back to normal after a couple of days, but it’s a great feeling. That’s anyway what I experienced yesterday. I ran quite a bit faster at a low heart rate than I’ve done recently. It’s not such a big difference that it’s something to jump of joy for, but it is noticeable for the one running. It’s really an awesome feeling, even if it only lasts so shortly. ๐Ÿ˜€

And yeah, tomorrow I go back to the 10k training schedule again. It’s time to prepare for the seeding race for the Gothenburg half marathon in the end of March ๐Ÿ˜‰

Detailed Garmin data

Day 6, Build up
1hr easy and totally relaxed – at ease through out

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 10.61 1:00.02 5:39 129 149 90

Detailed Garmin data

Day 7, Build up
1hr easy and totally relaxed – at ease through out

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 10.31 1:00.02 5:50 128 157 91

No race next weekend

I’ve decided not to do the race next weekend that I’ve planned for earlier. There are two main reasons. First is that it’s not that close to home, so if the family follows me we don’t know under what conditions they would have to be at waiting for me. It’s a little cold outside for a baby. The second is that I researched a little and realised that there aren’t many participants. It seems like there are only a bunch – at least there were less than 20 last race. To travel a long way for a race there would have to be more than that. I don’t even know if this is announced in the local newspaper ๐Ÿ˜‰

Then you might wonder how I came to know about it? Well, it was through a swedish running site, and there people can submit races by themselves – it doesn’t matter if an organisation holds it or if it’s just Snippety-snop-guy next door who wants running buddies for his next Sunday run ๐Ÿ™‚

This race actually is held by a cross-country club, but still it hasn’t attracted a lot of people, unfortunately. So I’ll pass. I will have to focus on a race later on, at latest I have the Seedningsloppet Gรถteborgsvarvet (seeding race, Gothenburg halfmarathon) in the end of March.

For all what it’s worth I really look forward to the first race – to see how I’ve progressed ๐Ÿ™‚

On both the run yesterday and today I had problems again of the same character as I’ve spoken of before.. That also makes me a little afraid of running races. Wouldn’t want to get into a situation like that with audience..

Detailed Garmin data

Day 20, sub 40 10k – 2nd round
easy recovery after race. 1Hr

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 10.39 59:07 5:41 129 154 92

Detailed Garmin data

Day 21, sub 40 10k – 2nd round
2nd easy day after race., 1 hour easy

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 10.64 59:52 5:48 129 142 91

Back again on the road

Today I got Emma (my wife) and Julie (the newborn) home. There were a lot of excitement, especially from the other two girls having longed for both their mother and to meet the new baby.

I got back to the running this evening. The coach told me I should just hop onto the current week and current day without trying to recover what’s lost – he said that is futile.

And by the way, the Garmin lost it again ๐Ÿ˜‰

Detailed Garmin data

Day 16, sub 40 10k – 2nd round
1 hour easy

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 10.43 59:52 5:44 135 172 92

A somewhat special run

Sunday, and we spent all day going through and throwing away all the papers we’ve stuffed around in our drawers, closets and much more places for a way too long time.. We’re trying to become a little Feng shui – at least when it comes to being sentimental about stuff you actually don’t use anyway. Mostly it’s because we don’t want to move around more than necessary when going to China later this year. During all that my wife mentioned that it would be nice if the new child would be born on Valentines day.

Later on in the evening I went for the 1 hour run. Today I didn’t feel anyting related to the cold I talked about yesterday – on the contrary I felt quite fit. I haven’t read my data yet, but it wasn’t hard at all keeping the heart rate down today. The breathing felt very comfortable and easy too. I think I ran a little slower than usual, but not so much it would make such a noticeable difference.

When I got home my wife had gone into labour. Still just the beginning phase, but we made our way to Borรฅs where we are going to have the childbirth.. It’s going slow with the labourwork, but we’re on the move now – it’s exciting for me – but I do feel sorry for my wife and what she has to look forward to. Now I lie here at the patient hotel writing this and if I’m not very mistaken there’s a possibility there will be a child born on Valentines day ๐Ÿ˜‰

Detailed Garmin data

Day 13, sub 40 10k – 2nd round
1 hour easy

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 10.53 1:02.10 5:54 129 147 90

Very nice running conditions

It was two days since the 2k sessions that took the most out of me. Yesterday I had a resting day, which was very needed, but today I still didn’t feel like going out for a run. It wasn’t that I didn’t feel fully recovered, more then that it felt like I didn’t want to spend an hour and a half of my beloved saturday evening out running in Alingsรฅs. Especially not since most of the time earlier on the day was spent on a Calculus assignment (for those who hasn’t read it yet I’ve started studying for a bachelor degree in Physics on distance – yikes!). Well, sometimes before a run it just feels that way. But.. Like all times earlier I put on the clothes this time too and went out. And like before I can’t picture not running once I’ve got those legs going in a motion forward ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I saw that the Garmin started messing early on, so I decided to let go of the heart rate and just relax. It felt very liberating. Usually I spend every half minute keeping track on the heart rate so that it doesn’t wander off. I’ll have to do it this way more often – Just find a comfortable pace and keep going..

Other than that the running conditions were almost perfect. No icy surface, plus 5 degrees and a little moist in the air. Nothing to complain on at all..

Detailed Garmin data

Day 5, 2nd sub 40 10k round
longest run – ‘time on feet’ up to 1Hr 30min

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 15.67 1:32.34 5:54 132 168 91

Reading about something seem to make it come true

Funny thing.. At Monday I read an article at www.time-to-run.com about discomforts related to running. One of them was about chafing. In the end of that article there were a lot of talk about chafed nipples and how to avoid it. I thought to myself boy, I’m glad I’ve never had to deal with that, seems painful.. Guess what? Chafed nipples..

Like yesterday it has been raining most of the day. The time for running my 1 hour run was no exception. But today the rain was different. It was the kind with tiny drops whipping in the face and almost felt a little sticky.. And it also seemed to find it’s way inside the clothes for some reason.. That’s the reason for the chafed nipples. After half the run I felt the pain coming. By then I didn’t know it was that. Instead I thought some chest hair had got stuck under the heart rate monitor which pulled it. But when I tried to adjust it to relieve from pain, I realised that was not the cause..

By the time I got home they were very sore and tender – showering was a punishment. I thought about patching them the next time, but that would mean I have to shave the area around them too – nice, huh?! :S

What is a runner supposed to do?

My very lovely and understanding wife only said – now maybe you can understand a little what it’s like to nurse a baby when the nipple has become an open wound.. Ouch! To be honest, I still can’t.. And maybe don’t want it either. And I’m very, very grateful I don’t have to ๐Ÿ˜€

A big commendation to all the breastfeeding women all over the world!

Detailed Garmin data

Day 2, 2nd sub 40 10k round
1 hr easy

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 10.66 1:01.03 5:44 135 148 93

A wet 70 min run

Today nothing much has happened. It poured down during lunchtime so I decided to do my 70 min run at home in Alingsรฅs in the evening instead. It proved to be a better choice. It was still quite wet outside, but at least I did risk being washed off the road ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I also realised that most of the ice on the asphalt has melted. Now all there is is a thick layer of gravel instead. But it’s nice to feel a touch of real ground under the feet again. Not that it changes much, though.

It feels pretty much everything in our life now circulates around the coming child now. I’m really looking forward to what’s to come ๐Ÿ™‚

Detailed Garmin data

Day 1, 2nd sub 40 10k round
60 to 70min easy distance

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 12.07 1:10.01 5:48 136 152 91