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Tomorrows "race" – Lejonruset, 90 min

Tomorrow’s the time for the race “Lejonruset” which I heard of only earlier today actually when I was scanning the web for upcoming races. It is a hilly 90 min race – the one furthest in 90 min wins.

I also was a little down because of all the snow here in Alingsås, which was in the way for my 5k paced run I was supposed to perform today. I only had the first two hours when waking up to do them since I was left alone with our children after 10 a.m

So… I asked my mentor at the running forum on about running this race as a combination of todays 5k paced and tomorrows 1 hour relaxed run.

He told me to go for it, but that we needed to adjust next weeks schedule a little maybe after the race. He also told me not to consider it a race, but a training event.

I know I will have hard time doing so since I’m quite competative, but I feel in my guts that 1 hour of around 4:50/km and finishing with the last 30 min below 4:00/km is enough to get the most out of me – if I’m able to keep that pace up in the end at all.

It is a hilly race and as it seems the snow has started melting here in Alingsås it also seems it will be a wet-snow hilly race. Hard to get good traction there 🙂

But I will as always do the “training” as accurate as I can

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