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Day 16 / sub 40 – easy day 40 min

Today I will almost fully recovered from the race at Sunday, so I decided to continue with the sub 40 program. I don’t have many days left. Worst thing is, yesterday should actually have been an interval exercise, but hopefully they won’t spoil things too much… Along with everything else I’ve done differently lately 😉

Now it has snowed for a couple of days in a row. But I was lucky. They had plowed most of my usual running route so it wasn’t that much of a problem running. But I fear for the race-trial I will do on Saturday if everything’s like this. I might have to be a little flexible with my own view of the result then.

Anyway, that will be a later problem, now to todays result

Time: 40:09
Distance: 8.22
Avg Pace: 4:53
Avg HR: 151
Avg Cadence: 90

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