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Day 19 / sub 40 – race day (training) 10k

Today in the morning before I was about to take the run I wasn’t up for it at all. The ground was packed with snow and the temperature lay around -8 degrees Celsius.

Snowy street in bolltorp, Alingsås 2010-11-27

I knew that my racing time wouldn’t be accurate, so the whole thing felt a little futile. The reason for that is that I haven’t got a measured track on plain ground to run at here in Alingsås so then I have to rely on the garmin watch footpod’s accuracy, which I from before know to have faulted a little too much – even in summertime. And when the ground is a little slippery like it was today the little kinetic sensor in the footpod will be even more unreliable.

Earlier this year, when I ran at kretsloppet the watch showed 10.45 km and that I ran with an avg pace of 4:48. Since I ran after the pace of the watch that lead to me thinking I did a better race than I did. :S

So – never rely on the accuracy of the pod. I haven’t calibrated it, but sometimes it shows 0.5k wrong in both directions, so that shouldn’t change it that much.

But… I ran a good training race today and even if it later shows that I didn’t ran exactly 10k I’m satisfied. It was cold as **** and more than half of the time I had head-wind, which made the freezing wind even more evil 😀

For fun I weighed myself before and after. I’ve never done that before.

Christian Schmeikal in the snow outside home in Bolltorp 2010-11-27
Me in the snow outside home in Bolltorp 2010-11-27

Weight before: 66.5 kg
Weight after: 66.1 kg

So I lost 0.4 dl of fluids during the run.

Here’s the data for the training race. And remember – the distance and pace may not be totally accurate 😉

Total distance: 10 km
Total Time: 38:37
Avg pace: 3:52
Avg HR: 176
Cadence: 93

For those interested to look closer at all the detailed data and graphs visit my garmin page:

Data from my 10k training race at 10-11-27

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