Build up phase Training posts

First day of build up phase

The build up phase is supposed to build up the aerobic endurance. The program Gavin has made up on consists mostly of 1 hour relaxed runs with some hill running and a couple of long runs. The effort shouldn’t be higher than 75% of maximum.

I asked him how long I should do it and he told me I could do it as long as I don’t have any races planned. As for now, I have none. So it’s just to get onto it 🙂

Distance: 12.36
Time: 1:00:02
Avg pace: 4:51
Avg HR: 147
Avg cadence: 90

Damn cold today! below -10 Celsius. Usually I only wear my long tights without anything under, but today I felt compelled to wear long johns underneath. My eyes teared and the tears froze :S
But, but.. I you want something badly, you better fight for it – And I do!!

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