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Another race success, though not as big as I had hoped

Race profile Lerumsloppet 2011
Race profile Lerumsloppet 2011

It was great climate for running. Almost no wind at all and around 16-20 degrees warm. The sun was up and showing. The first two km’s were difficult. At the start line they didn’t have signs or anything to go after to place yourself after assumed finish-time. So lots of people were in the way during the first 2k. The track was narrow at many places too, so I was caught in a brake-accelerate situation to keep up the average pace. On top of that I had to zig zag. You all know how that is. Very energy consuming.

Christian Schmeikal running Lerumsloppet 2011
During the last 300 meters

I believe I did all I could. However my estimate of possible pace during the very long inclines was very wrong. It didn’t take long until the pace was much slower than expected. At the time of the last 3 km I started growing very numb. I went in at 33 place of 482 male participators and my finish time was 39:11 – A new PB again. But I had hoped for more. Still I’m quite satisfied because this race was much tougher than the last one. Lots of slopes and high inclines. Very energy consuming.

In two weeks I have Hälsoloppet – a 10 km race in Alingsås, where I live. I hope that will be a little easier track so I can finish with a great time in my own home town. That might also be my last race before I go to China 7th June. Then I start with a build up to recover for the last races of the year in August to October.

Results of Lerumsloppet 2011

Lerumsloppet 2011 – 10k race

Lap Time (sec) Cadence
1 3:53 91
2 3:49 92
3 3:50 93
4 3:51 92
5 4:17 93
6 3:57 93
7 3:57 92
8 3:50 92
9 3:59 92
10 3:50 93
TOTAL 0:39.11 92

4 replies on “Another race success, though not as big as I had hoped”

Congratulations on another PB. The course is an uphill one, so on a loop course you will go much quicker!

I am so glad that all your hard work is paying off after all the difficulties you suffered.


Thank you very much Dave!

It warms. I feel that I’ve managed get everything on the right track for now. I just hope it continues in the same direction 🙂

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