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Pushing the limits (2k sessions)

Yesterday I had my 2k sessions for this round. Since I have managed to best my 10k times both last races I had my mind set upon better results before going out on the run. Since my last race was run at average pace of 3:55 min/km I wanted to push the threshold a little, thus I planned for 3:45-3:50 on the sessions.

I can say now afterwards that it was much like a race when it comes to how you feel in the end. During the last 2k interval I had to really fight to keep the pace up, but I managed to still. The past two weeks I’ve got the feeling a little more than before that the body can handle much more than the mind is willing to admit –  and that it’s mostly the mind that limits it all. But I also don’t think that it’s good to reach too far over the limits of the mind. Like coach says, you need to give the body time to adjust – and it’s very true.

Most probably I won’t be able to maintain 3:45 during the race next weekend, but maybe the race after that 🙂

It seems now like I will run Hälsoloppet in AlingsÃ¥s next weekend and Blodomloppet in Gothenburg two after that. Then I will have a little break from racing when I’m in china and only work on the build-up for some weeks on the treadmill 🙂

Day 3, sub 39 program

start with 5x2k R90 (3.45 to 3:50 per k)

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR HR aft. 90 sec Note
1 2.00 7:32.40 3:47 169 190 94 Strange HR values
2 2.00 7:34.22 3:47 167 177 115
3 2.01 7:39.89 3:49 171 181 124
4 1.99 7:36.46 3:49 176 185 130 Started getting tired
5 2.00 7:34.70 3:48 179 186 125 Really tired here

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Hi Christian, that´s a great session. I know what you mean when you said you had to fight over the last rep. Unfortunately, my training is not well this week. Hopefully things will be back on track soon. Good luck on your race this weekend!

Thank you!

Yes, but I guess it’s supposed to be like that, else maybe you don’t push yourself enough 😉

Sorry to hear your training is not going well. What’s wrong?


I´m not quite sure. Maybe it´s just the winter coming and I´m getting lazy every morning :), but I couldn´t start my 5th rep on my 2k session yesterday. If I had tried this session at night, probably would have completed it. Morning runs are still hard for me. But I think I need a break soon. Go through Off period and Build Up again.

Thank you! Sure is!
I just hope I will be able to keep it up, that it’s not a too big leap 🙂

We must remember that it is most important to get the balance right. Whereas, the 2k – 1k – long run make up the core of the program it is essential to create consistency in the rest of the program

onwards and forwards


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