Sub 40 program Training posts

A tiresome longest run

I don’t know if it was an effect of the increased pace during the 2k sessions last thursday or just the muscles saying “enough now!”, but I experienced the longest run on the Saturday is very tiresome. I went a bit over 17 km’s, so I had a quite good pace, though.

Then I wasn’t sure of it or if it was just me experiencing it, but yesterday during the 1 hr run I felt very tired in the legs. And it showed at my performance too. Let’s hope the coming weekdays can put me in the right track again since I have the Hälsoloppet race on Saturday. I really hope for a sub 39 time then

Sat May 7 – Longest run – 1 h 30 min

17.01 km,  5:31, 132

Sun May 8 – 1 hour run

58:15, 10.7 km, 5:29, 136