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Brighter times by the country-side

Today I feel that the cold is starting to wear off. That’s very nice – I feel positive about the weekend.

Tomorrow is the Gothenburg half-marathon (Göteborgs-varvet), which I won’t participate in. I feel a little sad about that, since it’s the biggest event around the area where I live and grew up. Whole Gothenburg is aiming it’s attention to it – A lot of fun, in other words!. Instead the family will go to the country-side cottage for relaxasion, which by the way also is one of my favorite things. I will spend some quality time with the family – Very important since I will be away from them for almost two months soon when I go to China.  Maybe I will take a couple of golf-rounds – the season has started with full power and I’m ready to perfect my swing with the new 9 degrees King Cobra driver. Need to work a little on the short game too, which tends to become a little rusty during the snowy months of the North 😉

There will be some barbecueing going on as well, with a couple of glasses of own-brewed aged wine (I let it age in the root cellar by the cottage, which should be ideal temperature the year around for wine-aging) and some board-gaming (Quizes mostly) in the late evening.

To talk a little more about my running I have tendencies left of the achilles tendon injury, which I feel at some steps when I walk – but rarely. I think I still will try to make at least 1 hour run tomorrow in the fresh country air to get in the game again. But only if I feel ready.

Have a really nice weekend all over the world, and please – feel free to share your own spring/summer plans for the weekend in the comments-field 🙂

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