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The injured achilles and this weeks training

Like I wrote in my earlier post I started running again on saturday. At every session I’ve had a few niggles in the Achilles tendon in the beginning. Everytime they disappeared quite fast.

I started out this week with an easy 1 hour run which felt good. Still the niggle, but not worse. Every day niggle feels slightly better. But only slightly. After work I was late for the commuter train, so I had to run fast to catch it. Then I noticed I didn’t feel the niggles – not even in the beginning. That’s when I decided I would try to manage the 6 x 1k session today.

The 6 x 1k session was ok. There were lots of hard head winds during 3-5 interval, which truly shows on my decreasing pace and increasing heart rates. On the last 50 meters of the last 1k I had the dry-retchings. Probably because of trying to maintain the high pace at head wind. That’s one hard thing – not to overwork oneself when doing a paced run in nasty head wind. The pace isn’t calculated for hard winds, I suppose, but it still shows as a bad result in the data :S

Anyway, I had no trouble with the achilles tendon during the interval sessions. Only like every time earlier, at the first steps of the warm up slow running.

Tue May 24 – 6 x 1k with 60 seconds of rest in between

Lap – Avg pace – Avg HR – Max HR – Min HR after rest
1 – 3:36 – 163 – 107
2 – 3:38 – 164 – 111
3 – 3:38 – 174 – 118
4 – 3:41 – 177 – 125
5 – 3:43 – 179 – 132
6 – 3:39 – 180 – 128

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Thank you Dave! I’m satisfied with the session 🙂

However, today I felt the niggle a little worse again, so maybe I should follow Coach’s advice on resting a few more days – I’m only hoping to be able to run the last race before the Build up period, which takes place next monday :S

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